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St Margaret's Bay opens south directly onto the Atlantic Ocean, its eastern shore is formed by the Chebucto Peninsular to the West by the Aspotogan Peninsular, with the head of the bay (the northern shore) being the main part of the Nova Scotia Peninsular.

The shores of St Margaret's Bay are mostly rocky, although at the head of the bay can be found several sandy beaches at Queensland, Black Point and Cleveland; another sandy beach exists on the western shore of the bay at Bayswater; and there is a small sandy beach on eastern shore on Micou's Island. St. Margarets Bay is a cruising destination for sailing yachts and its picturesque shorelines offer protection in many natural harbours, as well as anchorages in coves and near small islands.

St Margaret’s Bay a Description

St. Margaret’s Bay Hydro-electricity System, Nova Scotia - Green Renewable Energy Since 1922

The St. Margaret’s Bay Hydro-electricity system consists of  two power houses fed by  a water system totaling 222 square kilometres, and produces approximately 30 Million kWh of power per year.

Learn about the history, how it works with information & photos on the head pond , penstocks, surge towers, turbines, generators & environmental preservation

Tidewater Power Plant St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

Minke Whale, Nova Scotia

Marine Animals, Sea Birds And Fish Around The Coast Of Nova Scotia

( Some Can Be Seen In St.Margaret’s Bay).

The coastal waters of  Nova Scotia hold a wealth  of  natural wonders with many species of whales, dolphins, seals, fish and sea birds.

Hopefully you will visit and see some of these beautiful creatures for yourself, maybe you will spot a white sided dolphin following your boat or even the rare leatherback turtle which comes to Nova Scotian waters to feed on jellyfish.

Whatever you see please take some photo’s and send an email and share your experiences.

Beaches Of St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

Treasure Hunt - find five gold coins on this web site, each one has a number & a letter - the number is the letter’s position in the password which unlocks the location  and more photos of the secret beach shown in the photo left.

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Location Map - Details - Photos of Nine Beaches Of St. Margaret’s Bay

Undoubtedly the best way to see some of the beautiful Marine animals, fish and sea birds is to take a boat tour of St.Margarets Bay, and the waters of Nova Scotia.

By taking a boat tour  you are given a far greater chance of seeing whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, sunfish or even the rare leatherback turtle which has come to the waters of Nova Scotia to feed on jellyfish.

Not forgeting the many species of sea bird to be found around the coast line of Nova Scotia and offshore islands.

Boat Tours Of  St.Margarets Bay and The Coastal Waters Of  Nova Scotia, Canada

Rails To Trails,St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia

The Beautiful trail follows the route of the original railway line that served the St. Margaret’s Bay  communities, great for walking, biking,& horse riding.  

The Beautiful Rails To Trails

St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia

Swissair  111 Memorials, Whales Back & Bayswater, Nova Scotia

Swissair 111 memorial, Whales Back, Nova Scotia

The monuments at two locations; Whales Back & Bayswater were built to remember those who were killed in the Swissair 111 plain crash in 1998.

There’s one landmark that you must see while visiting the area is the Home / Gallery & Museum of  Ivan Fraser.

Ivan  has created  the worlds largest Peggy’s Cove painting, measuring 90’ around and 19’ at the highest point with a total area of 1510 square feet.

Peggy Of The Cove Gallery & Museum, Glen Margaret, St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia


Lobsters cook up to be a tasty meal

Lobsters - How They Live - Fishing For Lobsters - How To Cook Lobsters

Lobsters are a huge industry world wide but especially to North America and the Maritime Provinces of Canada ( Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Newfoundland).

If you want to find out how lobsters live or how  lobsters are fished for or how to cook lobsters then click on the link below.

St.Margarets Bay Hydro Plants Marine Wildlife Boat Tours Beaches of SMB Swissair 111 Memorials Rails To Trails lobsters Peggy Of The Cove

Eastern Shore

Along the Chebucto Peninsular (from south to north):

Northern Shore

Along the head of the bay (from east to west):

Western Shore

Along the Aspotogan Peninsular (from north to south):


St. Margarets Bay contains numerous islands, particularly along its eastern shore. These islands were historically used by the Mi'kmaq Nation and some contain burial sites. The bay's larger islands are listed below:

Communities & Islands Of St Margarets Bay Nova Scotia

Click on the underlined Communities to see more details & photos

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