St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia - Uniting Our Community

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The Main Beaches Of St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

Beaches Shown On Satellite View

Bayswater Beach

Fox Point Beach

Queensland Beach

Whynaght’s Beach

Cleveland Beach Provincial Park

Puddle Beach

Bay Look off Provincial Park

Micou’s Island Beach

Secret Beach (not shown on map)

Bayswater Beach St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

Bayswater Beach is a beautiful sandy beach  very popular with families in the summer months. Has ample parking with toilet facilities & lifeguard protection making this a safe family beach.

Fox Point Beach St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

Queensland Beach St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

Queensland Beach is a long beautiful sandy beach which is very popular with families during the summer months.  There is a large parking lot with toilet & changing room facilities along with refreshments close by.

The beach is patrolled by lifeguards during the summer months making it a fun, safe beach for children.

Whynaght’s Beach St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

Whynaght’s beach is a small sandy beach right beside route 3  with some parking but there are no facilities, but has easy access.

Cleveland Beach Provincial Park

St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

Cleveland Beach Provincial Park is found on route 3 in the community of Queensland, St. Margaret’s Bay.  Once again the sand disappears during the winter months, but returns during the spring.There is a parking lot with a picnic area  beside a small lagoon, with tables & toilet  facilities.There is a walking trail around the peninsular which leads to another small sandy beach.

Puddle Beach St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

Puddle Beach is a sweet little sandy beach beside route 3 at black Point.  Parking  & beach space is limited so early arrival is recommended.

Puddle Beach is made up of really soft sand and is very sheltered making it a very pleasant to spend the day with the kids.

The Bay Look Off Provincial Park ,St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

The bay Look Off Provincial Park  is found at Boutiliers Point along route 3, St. Margaret’s bay road.

There is a  wharf & boat launch along with a parking lot with picnic Tables overlooking St. Margaret’s Bay.  Toilet facilities are present during the summer months.

On the upper part of the Park there is a trail leading to a small sandy beach with a stream running into it.  This stream runs from the salt marsh beside the St. Margaret’s Bay Rd and is the hunting ground for herons & Kingfishers.

Micou’s island Beach ,

St .Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia

Micou’s Island ( Big Indian Point Island) is a 22 acre island which can be accessed by a sand bar at low water, this is the only sandy beach which with public access on this side of St .Margaret's bay.

This Beach is very popular in the summer months so can be very busy.

Secret Beach ( somewhere near to St .Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia)

Treasure hunt - The location of this beach will be revealed, but it is password protected.

Hidden in the web site are five gold coins, each one is part of the password.  The number on the coin represents the position of the letter in the password. - here’s your first one; so the password starts s**** (use all lower case)



Fox point beach is fairly large, approximately 700 feet long with a river about half way along which runs from Fox Point Lake.The cove is sheltered from winds  of any direction, but if really strong winds prevail some sizeable waves can be present, there is a large parking lot with a small picnic area with tables. As with the other beaches in St. Margaret’s Bay they lose their sand during the winter months.Fox Point is  a popular dive spot for

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Bayswater cleveland beach
Secret Beach
You must have a password to find the Secret Beach!