St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia - Uniting Our Community

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Boutiliers Point,

St.Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia

Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia, is a rural community in the Halifax Regional Municipality on the Northern shore of St. Margarets Bay on Trunk 3, aproximately 27 kilometers from Halifax.

The communityof Boutiliers Point was named after Jacques Boutilier who settled it in 1752.

Many in the community have the last name of Boutilier . It is common that one is referred to by one's first name followed by the name of one's father (e.g., Tom the son of Eric Boutilier becomes Tom Eric).

Boutliers Point is also home to an outdoor ice hockey rink, playground & baseball pitch; which are managed by the St. Margaret's Bay/Boutilier's Point Recreation Association.

The hockey rink which is located at the top of Christies Rd. and Islandview Drive is very popular during the winter months (ice permitting) for informal hockey games and families ice skating.

Boutiliers Point is also home to The Bay Look Out Provincial Park which has a Wharf with a boat launch & a small beach.

The wharf is a popular fishing spot during the summer months as large numbers of Mackeral visit St.Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia.

Bay Look Out, Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia


Bay Look Out, Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia

View from Wharf

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