St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia - Uniting Our Community

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Fox Point

St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

Fox Point can be found on route 329 on the Western Shore of St. Margaret’s bay, Nova Scotia.

Fox Point is a small fishing community with a harbour and is neighbours with Hubbards to the North & Mill Cove to the South.

There is a small beach which has parking and easy access.

Early Settlement at Fox Point, St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

In 1825, land grants of approximateley 200 acres each were given to joseph Coolen, George Joshua Coolen, William Francis Shatford, a cooper from England, and James Croucher, a native of the St. Margaret’s Bay area.  Fishing & to a smaller extent, farming, became the main source of income for the community of fox Point.

A Thriving Fishery

For over a century, Fox Point has been a significant fishing centre for the St. Margaret’s Bay area, and Nova Scotia.  Into the late twentieth century , Fox Point’s fishery was diverse, with catches of tuna, lobster, mackerel, haddock, cod and swordfish.  For many years ,  the Coolen brothers were the most prolific fishermen in this area, and were key players in the mackeral/ tuna trapnet fishery.

Another famous fixture of the fishery at Fox Point is the Shatford Lobster Pound, which was established in 1948, and continues to sell lobster and fresh fish.

Today, Fox Poin’s fishing fleet centers on the lobster, mackerel and tuna fisheries.

The Fishing fleet Fox Point Harbour

Old Open Boat Fox Point, St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

Old Fishing Shed  Fox Point

Fox Point Lighthouse

Built in 1876, the Fox Point Lighthouse served as a beacon for local fisherman for eighty-one years.

On February 8th, 1957, the lighthouse and adjoining lightkeeper’s facilities were destroyed by fire.  Today an automated light tower guides fishermen into the harbour.

St. James Anglican Church at Fox Point, Nova Scotia

St. James Anglican Church,

Fox Point, St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

Until the early twentieth century, the Anglicans of Fox Point worshipped at Mill Cove. In 1909, construction of a church commenced on land donated by Edward Coolen. In 1910 St. James Anglican Church was completed.  When the church’s spire was damaged by a hurricane in 1952, Mr Alva Coolen repaired the building and added a new,sturdier steeple topped by a stainless steel cross.  St. James Anglican Church was deconsecrated in 2005 and is currently for sale (April 2011)

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“The look Out” a place to sit awhile and look out over St. Margarets Bay and take in the spectacular scenery.

Fox Point Beach

St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia

Fox point beach is fairly large, approximately 700 feet long with a river about half way along which runs from Fox Point Lake.The cove is sheltered from winds  of any direction, but if really strong winds prevail some sizeable waves can be present, there is a large parking lot with a small picnic area with tables. As with the other beaches in St. Margaret’s Bay they lose their sand during the winter months.Fox Point is  a popular dive spot for The SeaWolves Dive  Club,Based in Nova Scotia, the SeaWolves is a fun club for divers of all ages, certification level, skill, etc. New members are always welcome and encouraged to join - see a whole new world in one of the greatest dive spots in Canada. Why not come along and dive right in with the SeaWolves? Just stop by Torpedo Rays Scuba Adventures and fill out a club application.