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Head Pond & Control Dam for The Tidewater Hydro-electricity  Power Plant, St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia.

Although there are automated electronic level indicators there are still manual, visual water level indicators.

This level indicator shown in the photo to the left is in Mill Lake which is the head pond for the Tidewater hydro-electricity plant. This indicator shows the water level to be approx. 91.3 ft (height above sea level, not depth of water).

The lake is full when the level is at 91.5 feet above sea level.

The machinery which controls the amount of water flowing down to the turbines is housed in the Gatehouse which is built on the control dam

Water level indicator, Mill Lake

Mill Lake Gatehouse

This photo shows the machinery that raises & lowers the gates to control any excess water (spill) not required by the turbines, allowing to spill over the dam and into the stream.

View from control dam


Stream from  Mill Lake to St. Margaret’s Bay

The Gatehouse contains the machinery which operates the gates  that control the amount of water flowing down to the turbines.

The photo left  shows the entry point of the water from the head pond to the left which then flows through the metal grille on the right which removes any  debris/fish etc which would clog the turbines.

From here the water passes though the gates (below) & into the penstock & then on to the turbines.

Debris / Fish Grille In side Gatehouse

Control Gates For Water To Turbnes


Head Pond & Control Dam for The Sandy Lake Hydro-electricity  Power Plant, St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia.