St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia - Uniting Our Community

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Rails To Trails, St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia

This beautiful  trail follows the route of the original railway line that served St. Margaret’s Bay’s communities, as well as it's waterfront hotels that served as resorts for Haligonians in the late 19th and 20th centuries. Lumbering and sawmills were common, of which there is still visible evidence today. Ingramport Bay was a major base for tall ships that carried timber to distant countries.

Located just 30 minutes from downtown Halifax, this 33 Kilometre, multi-use trail winds its way from near the Hubley exit on Hwy 103 (exit 4) to Hubbards (exit 6).

The trail is great for walking, cycling ,horse riding amongst beautiful scenery.

The trail is managed by “The St. Margaret's Bay Area Rails to Trails Association”

View their web site for details of memberships, rule & regulations,photos,trail days etc.

Rail To Trails St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia

A view from ingramport bridge


French Village Station , Upper Tantallon,,

This historic building was once the “Hub” of the community.  It was constructed in 1904 by the Halifax and Southwestern Railway to service what was then known as French Village and its surrounding area.  The area where the station stands today was re-named Upper Tantallon, however the station has always retained its original name- “French Village Station”.  The station’s design is typical for the period, and was also very practical.  The bottom floor  of the station contained an office, baggage area, as well as a waiting room; while the upper floor was used as a residence for the station master and his family.

The station was used continually until the 1990’s, when it was sold and was operated as a gift shop until 2008.

“Train Station Bike & Bean Café ”

The new owners  Marilou Levangie and Dana Gallant in 2008 opened the station  as “Train Station Bike & Bean Café ” which  operates as a bike shop and café.

The bike shop offers everything that you may require for a pleasant bike rid on the trail including:-

New & used bikes,


Bike& tag-along rentals,

Bike servicing & repairs.

The Café offers a comprehensive menu (also licenced to sell wine & beer)  perfect for  re-charging after a long bike ride on the trail.


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